4B Homework

Tuesday, April 24th, 2018

  • LA: RL signed
  • WW: Speed Sort, Rainbow Sort
  • Math: Sheet due Thurs.
  • Other:  Supply Fee $40 due ASAP



  • Word Work Lists
  • Basic Word Sort: Sort as we did in class, and write the words under the header in your duotang.
  • Speed Sort: Use a timer and sort the words as fast as you can, then write them down under the proper heading.
  • Rainbow Sort: Do a Basic Word Sort, but write each column’s words in a different colour.
  • Vowel Sort: Do a Basic Sort, and circle the vowels in each word.
  • Blind Sort: Use your header only. Someone else reads the words out to you and you point to which header the word would go under. It’s “blind” because you can’t see the word. You are just sorting by sound.
  • Blind Written Sort: Write down the headers. Have someone read the words aloud, without you seeing them (blind). Write down the words under the proper heading. It’s a pre-test for your test on Friday!